reLIMS is a robust platform and out of box SaaS solution with use cases in Infectious Disease, Toxicology, Pathology and Cannabis. 

Implement reLIMS for covid-19 testing $499/month

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reLIMS enables labs to accelerate COVID-19 testing by automating lab workflows, manage screening and confirmatory tests, reducing turnaround times, manage patient data and quick reporting of results, to meet unprecedented public health testing demands. reLIMS easily integrates with analytical instruments to increase the speeds and efficiency in COVID-19 tests management.

reLIMS can be easily configured to include the tests/panels for COVID-19 testing. Our out-of-box solution can be quickly implemented and offers the following features:

  •  Cloud based solution - minimal contact    

  •  Preloaded tests and panels    

  •  Customizable sample and accession IDs    

  •  Manage screening and confirmatory tests   

  •  Sample tracking

  •  Barcode labels    

  •  Customizable reports - set values to report as   positive/negative

  •  Interpretative reporting    

  •  Patient history and trends in reporting    

  •  Instrument integration    

  •  Multiple lab access    

  •  Automatic test results upload    

  •  Control charts    

  •  Secure, HIPAA complaint access and data   management    

  •  Audit trail    

  •  Share information/results for regulatory   compliance

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