Redefining Lab Information Management System



reLIMS provides a comprehensive HIPAA compliant solution for all your lab management needs.

HIPAA compliant

reLIMS provides controlled access roles to access data, database and reports throughout the system.

Efficiency & Tracking

reLIMS provides workflow automation and transparency for each function in the business

Sample tracking

reLIMS provides a robust system to track and verify identity of every specimen at each point in a lab’s workflow.

Instrument integration

reLIMS integrates with the lab instruments to automate the entire process.

EMR/EHR integration

reLIMS integrates with existing EMRs and EHRs systems in the lab ecosystem.

Management KPIs

reLIMS provides a dashboard for tracking key performance indicators e.g. revenues by clinics, patients, panels, TAT, etc.

3rd Party labs sub-ordering

reLIMS provides visibility and management for the sample workflow across 3rd party labs.

Easy to Use

reLIMS supports single click batch processing of reports to maximize efficiency.

e-Fax integration

reLIMS supports sending reports via e-Fax along with email option.

Custom reports

reLIMS offers ready-to-use reports and supports customized views to meet your reporting requirements.

Audit trail

reLIMS maintains a comprehensive audit trail with access details, date and time stamp.

QA/QC functions

reLIMS QA/QC function detects, reduces, and corrects deficiencies in lab’s internal analytical process prior to the release of patient results.

HIPAA compliant web based SaaS solution

reLIMS is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution offering secure anytime, anywhere access.


reLIMS drives productivity, streamlines workflow/processes and enhances compliance and efficiency of your lab. Our cloud based reLIMS platform is scalable, secure and easy to use. Our competitive pricing helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, making it an ideal choice for small and mid-sized labs and larger enterprise labs. reLIMS is designed to offer flexibility and configurability to adapt to your lab’s workflow and specific requirements. The robust architecture enables custom workflows and applications for individual labs. reLIMS manages the sample lifecycle and data, interface instruments and systems, optimizes lab tasks and processes, and enables security and audit trail. reLIMS is deployed serves a variety of clinical pathology needs including toxicology and genetic testing in the US.

Why reLIMS

✔ Lower cost of ownership
✔ Automated Sample Lifecycle Management
✔ Secure anytime, anywhere access to lab information
✔ Robust Reporting
✔ Centralized content management
✔ Ease of access and use
✔ EMR and Machine Integration
✔ HIPAA compliant
✔ Instant identification of exceptions
✔ Integration with 3rd party labs and software

Our Services

LIMS deployment

Our broad range of services include installation, customization and integration of reLIMS with your business process to make it even more efficient & productive.


reLIMS provides easy configuration and customization to suit your business needs, with existing EMR/EHR systems, lab test equipment.


Our team of experts provide training to ensure that you are successful with your investment.


Our technical support is readily available to assist you in running your lab operations.

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